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Deschamps-Braly SF

Deschamps-Braly, USA

The implementation of the Clinic of Plastic & Craniofacial Surgery’s interior, designed by “Delugan Meissl Associated Architects” in San Francisco (USA), was especially challenging.

A system of linear wooden elements that covered the floor, walls and ceiling stood at the focus of the planned concept. A unilateral direction of movement for the slats, defined the main axis from the door to the end of the entrance area, while transverse lines on the floor, marked the entrances to the offices. The ceiling slats flow vertically in order to provide the glassed inner walls with a filter that allows the light to penetrate deep into the interior, but still allow for privacy for the patients.

The pieces for this demanding project were all manufactured in Austria. Its technical implementation and the manufacturing effort was planned in advance in such a precise manner, that the individual pieces were transported and then seamlessly incorporated into the structures, on location in the USA.

We are particularly proud of the floor slats made of solid wood, set in fine aluminium frames and fitted into the granite floor panels: a perfect combination of all three materials.