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Where planning, materials,
state-of-the-art technology and
craftsmanship come together.

Our manufacture, located in Fehring, in Eastern Styria, has been the heart and soul of our company, as well as the foundation upon which our success has been built, for 90 years. Here, design sketches are turned into bespoke, unique pieces that are impressive due both to their design, precision and functionality as well as their material aesthetics.

Goal-oriented planning

Every manufacturing process originates from a complex plan. Firstly, this means defining ones materials of choice. Secondly, logistical processes, such as the ordering of the materials chosen, processing these and delivering them, must be clarified. Lastly, a detailed construction plan is drawn up and finally the manufacturing process is determined. This ensures for smooth integration of all the individual production steps.

High precision

The use of state-of-the-art technology and precision engineering is an indispensable part of our work and acts as a pillar of support for our manual production processes. Efficiently integrating new technologies into the manufacturing chain, requires not only an understanding of their specific working methods, but also an ability to programme these accordingly, with a manual finishing process in mind.


Ultimately, traditional carpentry is what remains as the irreplaceable factor that has always distinguished us.

It is our passion for the materials we use, the know-how related to processing them, and the attention to detail that bestows our pieces with their proverbial “finishing touch” and make them into unique pieces that meet the highest aesthetic and functional requirements.

Ensured for by our highly qualified employees.

Our employees are supported by our apprentices, who are trained at our manufacture and integrated into our company for the long term. This enables us to pass our experience and knowledge on to the next generation and ensures that our craft continues to live on, well into future.


We manually refine 140 year old oak wood (used in earlier times by wine dealers) upon special request, and from it, create rare and valuable, individual items: true rarities. Unique in their texture, markings and colouring, they have their own story to tell and are extremely impressive due to their unique look.

Personal service,
right through
to assembly

The personal service and support we offer to our customers is our top priority. Our customer’s complete satisfaction is our goal. Therefore, we deliver the pieces from our manufacture ourselves and personally ensure for their millimetre-precise assembly on location, with the help of our fitters. In addition, we act as a central point of contact when it comes to organizing the working processes of all the service providers involved in the process. These are commissioned by us, as your general contractors and include electricians, painters, drywall builders and plumbers.