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Office Petersplatz

Spacious office in the centre of Vienna

In this redesign of a representative Viennese period property located directly on Graben into a spacious office, Cserni was responsible for the holistic interior architectural concept and its artisanal execution. This included the complete interior design and selection of materials, as well as the design of the furniture and the realization of the entire interior setup in the form of custom-made unique pieces, in addition to the exquisite selection of stand-alone furnishings and, finally, the unique lighting design created by Cserni, including its implementation.

The challenge that was mastered consisted of combining classic with modern, as well as contemporary art, and the place as a workplace with a feel-good atmosphere. Rounded shapes, light, a variety of different sophisticated material details, and perfectly placed interior accents, as well as custom-made furniture, ultimately create a unique and extraordinary ambiance in combination.

The Reception

Right from the reception area, one is struck by the natural warmth of the wall coverings made of the finest leather and the impressive lighting design, which brings out the custom-designed herringbone parquet floor and is reflected in the high-gloss surfaces like matte shimmering, rounded metal inlays of the reception desk.

The meeting room

Despite its necessary functionality, the large meeting room is no less aesthetically and atmospherically sophisticated. This is ensured by the specially shaped table as well as the seating that is as appealing as it is comfortable, and particularly by the “floating” lighting design, which can illuminate the entire room from stimulating to elegantly atmospheric without causing glare.

The Lounge

The focal point of the lounge is undoubtedly the also custom-made bar with its organically rounded design language and the elegant, vertical slats that are echoed in the supporting element of the table. The lighting design we created above the table ensures, in addition to the daylight from the generous window front, a perfect lighting mood and, along with the many other sophisticated details, for the special atmosphere of the room that lets it shine in elegance.