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Private Villa Hamburg

Private Villa in Hamburg

“Reimann Architecture” was responsible for the villa’s exquisite design, while we were in charge of the perfect realization.

In the walnut kitchen, we bestowed the lavishly designed kitchen cabinets with a wave-shaped “corrugated look” made of solid wood, set with sophisticated colour accents on the cabinet interiors, lacquered in matt aqua blue. Persian travertine was chosen for the worktop.
The walnut oak dining table with a star-shaped veneer pattern on its surface, which was processed by hand, is particularly beautiful.

The cabinet doors of the open, walk in closet were made of special, Secrisa glass with an intermediate layer of metal and bestowed with milled handles with a matt black background.
The closet island, with its elegantly rounded edges and horizontally placed design joints, is made of walnut and finished with a glass top surface.

In the bathroom, the vanity was made of walnut and combined with panels and fittings as well as with mirror elements suspended from above – all made of bronzed brass. Special Secrisa glass was used once again for the partition wall in the bathroom.