Interior Design

Combining know-how with experience and passion

We design, plan and realize all-encompassing interior concepts whilst incorporating all the possible facets of design.

Our goal is to provide harmonious, integral solutions and comprehensive design concepts that guarantee for that unmistakable sense for a space, which, down to the smallest detail, impresses with a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

Our experience has bestowed us with a sixth sense for combining aspects of design planning with aesthetics and creativity. Our additional ability to add custom made, individually designed pieces of furniture to your interiors, is yet another feat we can rank amongst our outstanding range of services.

“Details are not just details.They establish design!”

(After C. Eames)

Drafting plans and
floor-plan designs

Precise CAD drawings enable us to record all the necessary details and thereby produce floor plans as well as ceiling and lighting plans that are accurate down to the exact millimetre.


We produce individual furniture designs according to the wishes of our customers and manufacture them ourselves at our manufacture.

General Details

An overall aesthetic that exudes harmony requires room-defining, stylistic details to form an integral unit and thereby ensure for an unmistakable atmosphere.

Prerequisites for this include consistent colour mapping on one hand, and a perfectly coordinated combination of materials, inclusive of the design of the floors, ceilings and walls, on the other.



“Material schemes” and “mood boards”, aid us in creating individual “style, material and colour worlds” and ultimately, in selecting additional interior elements such as furniture for seating, lighting, carpets and curtains through to art, accessories and decorative elements.

3D-Modeling and visualization

Our three-dimensional, computerized models visually simulate the project at hand and bestow our customers with a “glimpse into the future”. In this way, our customers can experience their future space, its mood and atmosphere in advance.


Lean back in confidence while we take on responsibility for the implementation of the entire project! Without exception, we coordinate, accompany and monitor all the elements related to the realization of the project up to the handover of the finished interior, ready for occupancy.


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