Living spaces

We make room for life

The quality of your life is dependent on the interiors
you surround yourself with, and your interiors are a reflection of the life you live.

Living spaces are interior design narratives. They reflect the individuality of their residents and are an expression of their attitudes to life and of their aesthetic convictions.

Comprehensive planning

The holistic planning process that leads to an individual living space is a complex undertaking and should include all interior design agendas, from the floor plan, to the designing of individual furniture pieces, to the furnishing plan and the selection of exquisite accessories.

Well advised

We partner with our customers firstly, to determine a basic orientation when it comes to style by advising them during the process with the help of our extensive material libraries available in our showrooms. The actual planning phase begins with the development of a holistic concept in regards to furniture that is based entirely on the predetermined wishes, ideas and specifications of the customer. Our close collaborative partnerships with both national and international brands and designers enable us to plan your interior spaces down to the very last detail and to complete them in a stylish manner.


Full service

Last but not least, we also take on responsibility for the full realization of the living spaces we plan and design and, as a general contractor, offer a unique, full service alternative inclusive of planning, coordination and construction. Everything is derived from a single source.

Come home.
Feel at home.


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